Makoto Shinkai created one of the most iconic romance and fiction stories in “Your Name” of the last decades of the entertainment industry. That’s why the director was ready to leave this kind of subject aside, even Come and bet on a gay romance insusume“. However, the producers made him reconsider his decisions until he took everything in a more “traditional” area. All this and more is what emerged from a recent interview with the famous director.

Suzume Could Be Makoto Shinkai’s Last “Traditional” Movie

Here I leave you with the most interesting points that emerged from an interview that, really, could mark the future of future productions by Makoto Shinkai (via @yuriposting):

  • Makoto Shinkai explains at first he wanted Suzume to be pretty much the same Suzume and another female traveler, basically because the director was already tired of the typical traditional love story.
  • The director believes that with Your Name, he has already done everything he could in terms of themes.boy meets girl, so I was ready to explore new waters. That’s why I wanted to try a romantic/sorority girl, but the producer ended up persuading him to leave for the ‘boy meets girl, alleging public expectations.
It wasn’t with Suzume, but gay romance Makoto Shinkai might not be far off
  • However, Makoto Shinkai wasn’t too interested. in that kind of romance, which is why he turned the “romantic interest” into a chair.
  • Makoto Shinkai says it’s not like he’s actively pursuing LGBTQ+ stories right now, but he knows Suzume’s story would have worked just as well with a girl as it does with a romantic interest. Actually, the director comments that he is convinced it would have worked with a boy, a girl or was the non-binary character as well.
  • Will the director work with non-binary characters in the future? Well, that seems likely, basically because it ensures that sometimes the masculine/feminine context isn’t necessary, and that in his future films, he wants to focus more on the ‘The human story‘ not in the comments that can generate the gender or sex of the characters.

Honestly, it seems to me that we’re in a time where banning gay romances or non-binary characters is a bit outdated. Obviously, there will always be criticism of these ideas because there are those who don’t know how to turn the page, but I understand that must be above all the fact of satisfying the inspiration of a director who excites millions with each of his feature films. That might not have been the case with “Suzume,” but who knows what we’ll see in the upcoming Makoto Shinkai movie.

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