Performances, votes and winner of Gala 4 of Your face seems familiar to me 10

Performances, votes and winner of Gala 4 of Your face seems familiar to me 10

Andrea Guasch, champion of the evening at a gala during which she tied Josie by the jury

One more week, Your face looks familiar to me This shows that it is the music format par excellence and the first choice of viewers on a Friday night. If you didn’t get to see Gala 4 or didn’t make it to the end, here’s the most comprehensive recap, including who the winner (or winner), program standings and overall standings are to date. Who will go first? Will Agustín Jiménez continue in last place?

How did Tu cara me suena 10 Gala 4 perform?

  • Susie Caramel- Rosalie (Duel).
  • Augustin Jimenez – Charlie Chaplin.
  • Anne Igartiburu – Kylie Minogue.
  • Andrea Guasch – Angela Carrasco.
  • Alfred Garcia – Mark Anthony.
  • Josie- The Buggles (with two girlfriends).
  • merchandising- Rick Asley.
  • Myriam Rodriguez- Rosalie (Duel).
  • Jade- jamiroquai.

Of this gala, the most awaited was the duel between Miriam Rodriguez there Suzie Caramel… Obviously, one had it much easier than the other. We also wanted to see Josie with two friends emulate Buggles. How will the challenge finally turn out?

Winner of Gala 4 of Your Face Looks Familiar 10

Andrea Guasch conquered Your Face Sounds 10 to Me as Angela Carrasco, the most different artist from the one he has imitated so far. It’s his second non-consecutive victory after conquering the public as Chanel at the first gala Here’s how the night’s rankings were:

  • Andrea Guasch – 23 dots.
  • Josie – 22 stitches.
  • Miriam Rodriguez – 20 dots.
  • Jade – 19 stitches.
  • Alfred Garcia – 16 points.
  • Suzie Caramel – 14 dots.
  • merchandise – 13 points.
  • Augustin Jimenez – 11 points.
  • Anne Igartiburu – 8 points.
Andrea Guasch wins Gala 4 of Tu cara me suena 10

Overall ranking after Gala 4 of Your face looks familiar to me 10

if in the gala 4 of Your face looks familiar to me there was a tie for first position which had to be broken by the Angel Llacer as president of the jury, there was also another in the general classification: Jadel and Miriam lead the standings, both with 82 points.

  • Jade – 82 dots.
  • Miriam Rodriguez – 82 dots.
  • Andrea Guasch – 74 dots.
  • Alfred Garcia – 72 dots.
  • Josie – 61 dots.
  • Anne Igartiburu – 47 dots.
  • Suzie Caramel – 45 dots.
  • Augustin Jimenez – 37 dots.

Gala 5 of Tu cara me suena 10 will be broadcast on Antena on Friday, April 28, 2023 from 10:00 p.m.

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