Farrakhan Muhammad, 31, arrested in Florida as the suspect in the shooting in Times Square last Saturday, he stated that “he was not the culprit“Because that day I was not in New York, but in the New Jersey area on the way south of USA.

According “The newspaper La Prensa“Based on reports from”ABC News”, The man assured that at the time of the armed attack in New York, on Saturday, May 8 at five in the afternoon, he was on his way to Florida with his girlfriend Kristine vergara, 22 years old. They were both going to visit the young woman’s family.

Still I know nothing. (…) I left New York a few days ago, ”he said. Muhammad to local media from Bradford County Jail in Florida. “I was in Jersey. I went to Jersey, took our two dogs with us. I packed our things”, He added.

Muhammad was detained by federal marshals and agents from the New York and New Jersey fugitive unit in the town of Starke, near Jacksonville, after several days of searching.

The man apparently tried to shoot his brother, who would later identify him to local police, and instead wounded three people (two women and a four-year-old girl) who had to be taken to a hospital.

There is absolutely no reason to pull out a gun and shoot anywhere in New York.”James Essig, chief of the New York Police Detective Unit, commented at a press conference on Wednesday, noting that the specific reason for the shooting is unknown and that so far the weapon used has not been found.

A relative commented from Virginia that he did not believe that Muhammad pointed a weapon at a person of his own blood. “Personally, I don’t think he tried to shoot my brother. Maybe the ground, I don’t know”.

The chief of the New York Police Detective Unit also specified that Muhammad was stopped in the parking lot of a McDonalds in Starke, an arrest that occurred without incident.

Corps sources said Muhammad He went to a nearby hotel after the shooting, changed his clothes and left the place with a woman to drive to the south of the country in a vehicle, according to surveillance cameras and sightings. He even shaved his hair to change his image.

In addition, the authorities have said that they will accelerate the process for the extradition of the alleged perpetrator of the shooting from Florida until New York.

Muhammad, who has had a criminal record since 2007, was detained without the right to post bail on attempted murder charges. His Latino partner was charged as an accessory.

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