He is already here. In a few hours the starting pistol will be given to the expected april fair of Seville this 2023. In the early hours of Saturday to Sunday April 23, everyone will dress in their best clothes and get ready to have fun, occasionally dancing Sevillana or at least trying to have a drink in the various stalls that will be distributed throughout El Real until next Saturday, April 29, ending with the fireworks.

Flyers, lanterns, Sevillanas, horse-drawn carriages and a great desire to have a good time reflect what many Sevillians already feel at the gates of this April Fair. If this is your first time and you want to survive successfully, in addition to knowing some of the keys to this Seville fair, here is a small Guide to survive the April Fair in Seville and not die trying (or at least try). There you’ll find some basic dress code tips that will help you keep up with the event and finalize those last-minute details that are giving you so many headaches.

A stand with all the partners inside the April Fair in Seville. / AFP via Getty / RISTINA QUICLER


1. The April Fair in Seville is private

As you know, the April Fair begins with the mythical “to light up” Until then, the cabins are locked and only members who are going to celebrate the traditional “pescaíto” dinner inside can stay inside. The others will have to content themselves with enjoying this evening in the bars and in their respective homes until the official appointment at 00:00.

Surely you have been told many times that the Seville Fair is the most private, and the truth is that they are not in the wrong direction. Actually, thinking that everything is paid for is a mistakeWell, although there are lists for booth members to note their drinks during the fair, going through the cash register on the last day, the most normal thing is to pay immediately.

However, let’s get down to business: you go to the Fair and you don’t know anyone with a stand. Relax, there is also space for you! And it is that El Real also has a number of public stalls so that everyone can enjoy this celebration in style.

2. Public stands at the April Fair in Seville

As we had planned, so that you do not stay at the barrier watching how others are having fun, we leave you which are the stands with free access:

  • Major festival area of ​​the Seville Town Hall: Calle Costillares, 13.
  • Old town area: Antonio Bienvenida Street, 97.
  • East-Cerro-Amate district: Pascual Márquez street, number 215.
  • Macarena-Norte district: Pascual Márquez street, number 85.
  • Nervión-San Pablo-Santa Justa district: Calle Costillares, 22.
  • Triana-Los Remedios neighborhood: Pascual Márquez, 153.
  • South-Bellavista-La Palmera district: Ignacio Sánchez Mejías street, 61.
  • PSOE: Antonio Bienvenida street, 79.
  • PP: Rue de Easter Marquez,
  • La Pecera: Pascual Márquez street, 9.
  • CCOO: Pascual Márquez Street, 81.
  • UGT: Antonio Bienvenida Street, 13.
  • USE: Curro Romero street, 25.
  • CF San Fernando Association: Ignacio Sánchez Mejías Street, 56.
  • La Marimorena: Calle Manolo Vázquez, 31.

3. Which drink is typical at the April Fair?

Surely there is more than one ignorant person who at this point does not know that rebujito is the star drink of the April Fair in Seville (chamomile or good wine, soda and lots of ice cream, and be careful because it is traitor).

Therefore, if you want to become a true Sevillian or Sevillian, you must encourage yourself to try, at least once, this refreshing drink that will help you face the high temperatures that will prevail in the coming days, and if it is in a wine tasting, glass par excellence to taste this cocktail, better than better.

4. How to dress day and night at the Seville April Fair

If there is an element of identification of the Seville April Fair, it is the flamenco dressbut beware! It is forbidden forever and ever to dress in this outfit on Saturday Pescaíto, from Sunday any day you want.

Many Sevillanas and guests visit El Real wearing these ruffled dresses which they complete with all kinds of accessories. It is true that the designs of flamenco dresses are among the most varied and each year they are more surprising than the previous ones. In fact, there is always one that ends up eclipsing all the spotlight, but the reality is that this dress would not look the same without its eventual combined shawl, brooch, earrings and comb, although the latter or to the taste of the consumer.

In case you don’t want to wear the typical costume, the dress code requires gazes to be fixed. Therefore, one of the most applauded suggestions could be a satin dress combined with a colorful shawl, a polka dot jumpsuit, a long skirt and a ruffled top… All those options that you have in your closet and that always cater to formality and elegance. Of course, to enhance your look, it is also recommended to wear good wedge shoes or good heels.

5. Where to put the flower on the head?

One of the most frequently asked questions is where to place the flamenco flower in the hair. If you don’t want to bump into each other and go for a board, then make sure it goes to the right place. Typically, the flower is never worn to the side, but is usually worn on top of the head.

Additionally, many recommend lifting the hair up rather than letting it down, as this can “recharge the look”. Although this recommendation would also serve as an excuse to avoid the high temperatures that will reign this week at the Seville Fair.

6. The Secret Costume Pocket

Forget the sunglasses, the bag and all the useless accessories since you won’t need them. In fact, flamenco dresses have a small pocket incorporated into the lining, known more colloquially as a petticoat, so that you can keep those that are most essential, and when we talk about life or death we refer to a cell phone, keys, purse, hairpins, bandages, lipstick and stop counting.

If you don’t want to leave the salon with bruises, it’s important to know that the pockets should go down the sides of your dress, not the front. So make sure your costume has it.

7. The dress code of the April Fair of Seville for men

Knowing that this is a traditional and authentic event in the capital of Seville, it is important that you take into account that the dress code is very formal. There are no written laws, but if you don’t want to be laughed at, you have to bet on the classic or at least the elegant.

The costume is the most common option. Although there are different trends on the types of costumes to wear. The reality is that classic blue, merengo gray or beige are among the most requested options. But a costume is nothing without its accessories. So don’t forget your tie, as it may become the reason why you are not allowed in many cabins, the handkerchief and the belt or suspenders.

8. Time to dance Sevillanas

And who, at this point, hesitates to dance a Sevillana or at least to try? You don’t have to be Sara Baras to be able to enjoy this typical dance. You will only have to put in a little effort and a lot of grace to be able to simply start with the first one.

If even with these you manage to master the steps, then limit yourself to moving your hugs to the rhythm of ‘I take the apple, I eat it and I throw it away’. And if despite everything the Sevillanas have checked you, don’t worry, it’s time to ask for another round.

9. Close the April Fair by eating donuts

You cannot close the fair without tasting the typical breakfast of the Sevillian capital while laughing with your friends and family. For that, nothing better than to go to the stalls of Calle del Infierno and taste everything, donuts, a pancake, churros or even a sandwich “to soak up”.

10. How to clean the flamenco dress?

Washing the flamenco dress can become an impossible task many times, because through ignorance you can end up destroying your precious dress. This is why many decide to take it to the dry cleaners and others prefer to do it in the bathtub at home instead. But the best thing you can do for your pocket and to keep the dress in perfect condition is to wash it at home using the washing machine.

The trick is to turn the clothes inside out and do a short prewash with a neutral detergent so the dress doesn’t fade. Afterwards, the best option will always be to hang it on a chest in the open air, but without direct contact with the sun.

And now yes, you have everything to succeed at the April Fair in Seville. Let’s enjoy!

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