Republicans reflect 48% of voter support in competitive districts against 43% who would give their vote to Democrats in the midterm elections

Americans are sharply divided on which candidate they will support in their constituencies, but preferences in competitive districts lean toward Republicans who would garner the most votes during the Nov. 8 election, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. .

According to one of the results, about 4 in 10 voters say that the candidates of neither party in their constituencies have a clear plan to solve the country’s problems. Although the Republicans reflect 48% of the support of voters in the competitive districts against 43% who would give their vote to the Democrats.

Other polls have shown that Democrats outperformed Republicans among all voters, but there are certain districts that represent close races and key opportunities for the GOP to win congressional seats.

Republicans only need five seats in Congress to take control of the House, and these competitive districts are key to their candidates.

People surveyed commented on whether Republican policies would take the country in the right or wrong direction should they win control of Congress, with 51% saying Republicans will have policies in the right direction compared to 48% that would be the wrong address.

Another result that the news network survey in conjunction with SSRS showed is that voters who support the Republicans say they are motivated to vote (55%) compared to people who will cast their vote for the Democrats (45%).

The concerns that most affect the population are a possible recession, the economy and inflation, which this day presented a high rate compared to the previous month. All of these together remain key issues for voters.

59% said that the economy is extremely important to their vote and will cast it depending on how the outlook looks until Election Day. 56% who say the same about inflation.

In the competitive electoral districts for which both parties are seeking the attention of voters to motivate them to move to the polls, 67% mention the economy as a serious problem for the country by 64% in inflation, according to the result of the survey.

The statistics presented were carried out by SSRS from September 3 to October 5 with a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points.

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