Joker 2: Double Madness it will be a kind of musical, although I’m the first to raise my eyebrows with this move. AND Lady Gaga will interpret the harley quinn, so we will surely see her singing and dancing to the rhythm of the music. However, I find myself amazed when analyzing the first official image of this sequence: passion, emotion and interpretation at a high level are the elements seen there.

Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix son Harley Quinn and Joker

When it was confirmed that Lady Gaga would be the new harley quinn In Joker 2: Double MadnessThere were all kinds of comments. On the one hand, some have criticized the choice and justified the simple fact that she is a singer, forgetting that lately she is more of an actress (American Horror, A Star Is Born oh The Gucci house). On the other hand, the vast majority applauded the casting decision and expected a big harley quinn.

Joker 2: Folie à Deux and its first image, what do you think of Lady Gaga in Harley Quinn?

It is difficult to draw conclusions from a single image, but the first photograph of Joker 2: Double Madness in which we see Lady Gaga Already Joaquin Phoenix as harley quinn there Joker give me respectively vibes of movie. A closed plan in which we see the capacity for interpretation of each actor. Because they are both very good at what they do and they fit together perfectly.

When was Joker 2: Folie à Deux released in theaters?

Joker 2: Double Madness is the second installment of this budding saga featuring Joaquin Phoenix. Of course, like the first movie, this won’t be your typical superhero movie and will go deeper into the psychological aspect of the character. More now that it will be too much harley quinn. And when did it hit theaters? We’ll have to wait a bit longer, because Warner Bros dated it October 4, 2024.

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