At first, it seemed like Sony was unwilling to follow Microsoft’s footsteps when it came to subscription services. The most important difference between PS Plus and Game Pass was that the Xbox service offered the possibility of enjoying new video games as soon as they are released. And for some reason, PlayStation is starting to do the same.

Thousands of PS Plus users have been able to play a title as important as Stray as soon as it went on sale, this month they will be able to do the same with Tchia, and in April he will play Meet Your Maker. Because yes, PlayStation just reveal What what’s new at Behavior Interactive (responsible for Dead By Daylight) will be added to your subscription service catalog in very little time.

Enjoy Meet Your Maker on PS Plus

  • Meet your maker should arrive in stores worldwide the next day April 4
  • And contrary to what happened with Stray and what will happen with Tchia, this game it will not be exclusive to Extra and Premium tiers
  • This can be explained in a very simple way: it will be one of the 3 works that will be added to the Essential subscription next month
  • Nevertheless ANY PS Plus user can download Meet Your Maker totally ‘free’

What kind of game is Meet Your Maker?

Meet Your Maker is a video game construction and gunshots in first person which is fixed in a post-apocalyptic world in which there is a large number of levels created by the players themselves. Each user must create their own fort and fill it with traps to prevent others from stealing your precious possessions. And of course there is also the possibility of looting other people’s houses.

It seems that we are ahead a kind of rust which draws more than ever towards science fiction. Will you be repurchasing it when it comes out on PS Plus?

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