This Tuesday, he did not attend Christian Hansen School but rather Miami Dade court where he faces charges of allegedly threatening to kill one of his classmates.

The threats – according to the police report – were made in writing, via Instagram. A private chat and a group chat, with several students of this charter school. Keys Gate High School in Homestead.

From this case, we know that the alleged victim is 16 years old. The police saw screenshots of the threats. The alleged assailant tells him that he knows where he lives, that he will not stop to kill him. It is still unclear what triggered these messages, which were accompanied by photographs with guns.

According to this mother, her daughter has received threats and been bullied through social media and although things have not come to light, she says that this type of story can have very unfortunate consequences.

At the bail hearing, the judge sent the case back to juvenile court. Christian Hansen is already 18, but has just had his turn. Monday of last week, which is when he allegedly made the threats, he was underage.

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