Star Wars tops Xbox games with Gold List for May 2023

Star Wars tops Xbox games with Gold List for May 2023

Now that we are at the end of April, it is time for the main companies in the video game sector to announce which works they will “give away” to subscribers of services such as PS Plus, Game Pass, Amazon Prime or the Epic Games Store. With all this competition Games with Xbox Gold They’ve been pushed into the background, but they’re still there.

A few minutes ago, Microsoft released the Official list of downloadable titles as of May 2023 thanks to this service, and although “low level” games were expected a priori, those of this month are not bad at all. Judge by yourself.

May 2023 Games With Gold

Star Wars Episode I: Runner

Star Wars Episode I: Runner This is one of the video games that I keep a precious memory of my childhood. It’s a title I rented from the video store for Nintendo 64 and gave me many hours of enjoyment thanks to the career frenzy and its great technical section (among these it was amazing). So do not hesitate! To have pod races with Anakin Skywalker, it was said.

  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer will be available throughout May


Whoa is a video game puzzles and platforms which stands out for its beautiful visual section clearly inspired by mythology and nature. Everything seen on the screen has been painted by hand, and the atmosphere that its gameplay exudes is most evocative and relaxing. Without a doubt, an experience of the most coldness.

  • Now it can be downloaded from May 16 to June 15

Normally, I think it’s completely legitimate to criticize video games that have taken place on the Xbox Games With Gold service (the drop in quality is more than obvious). However those of May 2023 seem more than acceptable to me and I think they can bring a good dose of fun to users. What do you think?

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