The Special Group of Detectives of the Secretary of Public Security of the State (SSPE), arrested in Ciudad Juárez a man wanted by the United States justice after violating his supervised release after being arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

In coordination with the SSPE and US Marshalls, Abraham S., 33, originally from New Mexico, was located in the San Antonio neighborhood and was arrested in the United States for possession of methamphetamine, and had a sentence on supervised release.

The detainee violated the order of the United States government and thanks to the collaboration of the instances of that country and the Government of Chihuahua, through the SSPE, he was located, detained and handed over to the US authorities.

After his apprehension in the San Antonio neighborhood of Ciudad Juárez, the offender was presented to the National Migration Institute (INM) and later made available to US Marshalls personnel at the Lerdo-Stanton international bridge.

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