Shakira keeps throwing mysterious phrases that are increasingly generating speculation that it is her new song which is making more sense after she publishes a short video on her social networks where it is seen that a man “crushes her heart”, while she tries to rescue the vital organ.

And it is that the Colombian singer published some phrases along with the video that indicate that it is her new musical material, as her fans have speculated.


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Shakira writes new mysterious phrases

“I never said anything, but it hurt me”, Shakira wrote on her Instagram account, next to the video where pedestrians are seen and one of them, dressed in black pants and shoes of the same color, crushes a heart, while she kneels, trying to rescue the vital organ.

“I knew this would happen”concludes the message of the 45-year-old singer, who has aroused speculation about those phrases that she has published in recent days on her social networks.

The post achieved in a few hours more than 1.5 million likes and messages of support from her followers, who affirm that these phrases are part of Shakira’s new song and that it is dedicated to Gerard Pique, who was the singer’s partner for 12 years.

Shakira receives the support of her fans

“Too much woman for so little man. Hopefully one day in some place, time and planet you will find a man who loves and values ​​you … In the meantime we will enjoy your songs”, some followers of the interpreter of “Clandestino” wrote.

Last Thursday she began to publish those mysterious phrases, first she wrote: “It was not your fault”, which immediately generated speculation among her fans.

For Friday, she again stirred up the concern of her fans, by posting the phrase: “Neither does mine.”.

But Shakira continued to arouse speculation even more this Saturday by writing a new phrase: “It was the fault of the monotony”.

And to know with a flourish, this Saturday, she not only published several phrases in a single post, but also shared a short video, where a man is seen crushing a heart.

The clues left by Shakira

With those clues that she was leaving, her fans affirm that it is a song of “revenge” against the Spanish soccer player.

Shakira and Piqué announced their separation last June after 12 years of relationship, in which they had their two children: Milan, 9 years old, and Sasha, 7.

The couple is currently facing a custody battle over their little ones.

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