Spy x Family: Season 2 of the anime is already a month out, and the movie has a date

Spy x Family: Season 2 of the anime is already a month out, and the movie has a date

Spy x Family“, or what amounts to the same thing, one of the anime industry’s big hits of 2022. Such was the impact of this early franchise that by the end of the first season, it was received not too frequent treatment: the announcement of a new anime season as well as a feature film. Since then, however, the information had been frozen, but luckily AnimeJapan 2023 took care of unfreeze all the information blockade that had been given.

Spy x Family already has their anime return scheduled for 2023

Before moving on to the new information about the return of the “Spy x Family” anime, I leave you with the latest promotional image who saw the light (via AnimeTrendz):

Spy x Family animated movie promotional image

And now yes write the following things on the return of the anime “Spy x Family”:

  • To start, it must be said that the Spy x Family animated film, which will NOT be part of the canon content of the story, will receive the final name of SPY x FAMILY the Movie CODE: White.
  • Having said that, the release date of the film in question was located on December 22, 2023. Obviously this date only refers to the premiere in Japan, so for Spain we will have to wait for sure until 2024.
  • On another side, Spy x Family anime season 2 also specified when it will start airing: October 2023. Yes, it will be part of the fall season… but at the moment we don’t have a specific release date yet.
  • About the duration of this anime season 2, considering that season 1 adapted 7 of the 11 volumes available, what i’m waiting for is an anime of about 12 episodes. In any case, this will be a question that will only be answered when the broadcast practically begins.

In the end, I can only add that most likely during the summer season, they will let us have more news about all this new content from the “Spy x Family” anime. Yes, we will have to be patient, but at least First of all, there is the certainty that the franchise is perfectly organized for these months to come..

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