Now that we’ve seen Maribel Verdu shines in the new trailer for The Flash, many people do not believe it: a Spanish actress in a blockbuster of this caliber! It’s clear that superhero movies are the order of the day, like the Spanish talent, it is one of the best in the world. In this case, interpretatively speaking.

And it is that not only did the Madrilenian cross the pond to make films of this caliber, but several names emerged from the pool of national talents that ended up being present in certain universes in which many did not expect see a Spaniard. Isn’t it incredible to think that a neighbor of Alcobendas ended up challenging Jack Sparrow himself?

In the case of our Penelope Cruz there are others who continue to surprise us to this day, but above all, they are a source of pride and an example of representation inside and outside our borders. Do you want to know some of the performers who have gone through international productions? Well keep reading!

Javier Gutierrez

He is already a star of our cinema, and if not, tell about the two Goya awards he has accumulated in his career. So how could he not take the leap to Hollywood? In 2016, the Galician put himself in the shoes of Tomás de Torquemada himself in the adaptation of Assassin’s Creed. Of course, it was still too early to follow the example of Super Mario’s success and success fell by the wayside.

Daniel Bruhl

This man from Barcelona has acted more on the outside than on the inside, but it’s always a surprise to learn that he’s hot within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s nothing more and nothing less than Baron Zemo, who already messed up in Captain America: Civil War and gave plenty of play in the more recent Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Elena Anaya

If we talk about DC, the truth is that Maribel Verdú was not the first to sign for the Batman universe. A few years earlier, more precisely in 2017, he had put himself in the shoes of the supervillain Dr Poison. His task was to make it difficult for Wonder Woman, and the truth is he succeeded.

Oscar Jaenada

Penelope may have overshadowed Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but the truth is, she wasn’t the only Spaniard hanging out on set. His name was, oddly enough, “El Español”, and he led the crown troops to put an end to all pagan rites. In interviews at the time, he confessed to having a great time with said character.

santiago safe

Beyond being the father of a cinema family, or the questioned José Luis Torrente, Segura has conquered the international billboard project by project. Two of the most striking are Hellboy and Blade, two universes that very few people would imagine it in.

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