The Twitch phenomenon is something that has been steadily growing and, even if it was going to happen anyway, since the COVID-19 pandemic it is already something scandalous. It’s no longer just because the platform has most of the big content creators, but we must add to this the large number of events that have occurred (the bone Squid craft games, the party of the year and many others), something that repeatedly reaps figures that have nothing to envy on television, quite the contrary.

Now, everything that grows has to follow different rules, and that’s exactly what I’m here to talk about in this article. Specifically, it was revealed that the CNMC, National Securities Market CommissionAdd to a “streamers register”, which will be officially named the National Register of Audiovisual Communication Service Providers. That said, let’s see the details of this news.

Behind you, streamer!

  • As I said, the aforementioned national registry of audiovisual communication service providers, will encourage streamers to join platforms such as Movistar or Netflixsince these are also among those “affected” by this regulation.
  • With this law, its activity will be regulated by an official authority.
  • This law, moreover, involves all streamers on all platforms and of all sizessince not only the big ones will be affected.
  • Yes really what this content creator registry establishes is not at all restrictiveat least not excessive, come on.
  • Basically, the registration rules are focused on the ads and sponsorships that the streamers themselves will have.
  • However, they obviously do not affect all sponsorships, but these rules are more geared towards more controversial sponsorshipsas bookmakers or, on some occasions, ultra-processed productsFor example.
  • Come on that anything sponsored by video game companies and the likeThey are in no danger.

Obviously, it was only a matter of time, and the truth is that it makes perfect sense that it should be. Also, anything that regulates betting advertising or content creation on similar things is always welcome.

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