A school in Southern California has been recognized for the arts program it offers to its students.

Students at the Maywood Center for Enriched Studies (MACES) have the opportunity to participate in the institution’s Philharmonic Orchestra as part of this program.

The young people, playing to the rhythm of their dreams, put all their dedication into their rehearsals.

an elementary school in Los Angeles has decided to offer a very valuable tool to help its students: meditation.

I fall in love with (music) because I can express my emotions that I can’t put into words,” says Felicity Santoyo, who fell in love with music when she was eight years old.

MACES was one of four institutions in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to be recognized with the California Award for Excellence in Arts Education, for demonstrating a strong commitment to dance, music, theater and the visual arts.

The five teachers (of) the art program love what we do,” says Gaby Rincón, band and orchestra director. “We love working with students, we love helping them develop their artistic skills.”

This is demonstrated by Professor Rincón in each of his essays. The teacher emphasizes the importance of artistic activities for young students.

“They’re so important to all kids because often the kids who don’t excel in English or math class are stars in music or art class,” says Rincón.

According to a study, art is very important in education because it helps students shape their personality, develop their creativity and improve their self-esteem.

José González, a Cuban-born teacher at a high school in Compton, received an award for inspiring his students to continue their preparation.

Extracurricular activities are tools to offer them a better future

Moreover, through art, they can feel identified and proud of their roots.

“It’s important for Latinos to be represented in classical music,” Santoyo said.

Health experts emphasize the importance of students having time to do non-study related activities.

According to UNESCO, arts education plays an important role in transforming systems and contributes directly to solving social and even cultural problems.

For more information on MACES programs, Click here.

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