Drag Race Spain it has become a space where (almost) everyone has a place to celebrate this wonderful universe and a community that continues to fight for its rights and visibility. However, not everyone liked the program’s latest announcement revealing that Soraya Arnelas would be the future jury of the program.

All this critical current turned the name of the soloist from Extremadura into a trend for a few hours, denouncing certain expressions that the interpreter had dumped in past tweets about a KPop group. 5 years have passed since, but it seems that his words did not suit this critical sector and they will not forget them.

A situation that led the singer herself to come out in force on her social networks to defend herself and assert her position vis-à-vis the group. His tweets clearly show his immense anger at the atmosphere that breathes in this environment.

Every day it’s your turn on this social network, they try to make you believe who you are not, they try to humiliate you and hurt you. I’m sorry to tell you, you who are trying, that I’ve been doing this for 18 years, I got used to it. That I know who I am, that I know how I feel, that I tell them and although… Sometimes I don’t express myself at my best, I know my ideals very well and they are not at all what some are trying to defame,” Soraya begins to tweet.

After specifying that she learned to survive in the dung of hatred of certain networks, the singer clearly specifies her position vis-à-vis the community: “My support for the collective is INCONTESTABLEMy words don’t say it, my actions do, my daily life. And no, I’m not going to get into arguments about something that isn’t true, I’m not going to give explanations, I’m not going to get into those things that lead nowhere. Because even if I wanted to explain myself to those who do not want to understand, there are no reasons for them”

Soraya also says goodbye with a message of thanks for some messages of support she has received and leaving us with expectations through the roof with what awaits us in the program: “Thank you all for your support. And now to the mine, that many beautiful things are to come! “

It must be remembered that Soraya was one of the godmothers of the Pride festivities in different places where she left messages like these: “My appointments each year at the Pride festivities are much more than a celebration We can’t forget the context of who they really are. A massive rally to keep fighting for what our society deserves. Freedom and the rights of human beings. NO LABELS. And I’m here every time. ask me”.

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