A large high pressure system influences weather conditions in Colorado and much of the western part of the country. The influence of high pressures is synonymous with good weather, mostly clear skies and lots of sun, this accompanied by the drought that still persists in that area and active fires also help to spread this excessive heat in the state.

This series of factors has led to the National Weather Service issuing an excessive heat advisory for the first time in its history for the area around Grand Junction, about 250 miles west of Denver.

The notice will be in effect until Friday morning. Grand Junction could break its 2005 record of 106 degrees with highs of 110 during the day.

Towards the Denver metropolitan area and the plains, temperatures will reach 100 degrees, this being the highest quality week so far this year in the state. On Friday the passing of a cold front that will not leave rain, only a slight drop in temperatures then is when Colorado would see maximum temperatures in the 80 degree range.

If you plan to be outside in the next few days, keep in mind to drink plenty of water and take breaks in the shade. Remember pets, children or the elderly in vehicles, where temperatures could exceed 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes.

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