Yaumel Cárdenas only remembers the photos of a trip across 12 borders, at the risk of his life.

Cárdenas is among 123 Cubans deported from Miami on Monday, in a first flight of Cubans sent back to the island.

In the case of Cárdenas, he has been detained for 5 months since crossing the border in December. “I never had the chance to show my fear and the problems I was facing when I went to the border.”

The young man confirms that earlier, in 2019, he tried to enter the United States, when the policy to stay in Mexico was implemented. This is also part of your complaint.

Immigration attorney Miguel Inda Romero says, “I know of cases that were in the same situation and were admitted and released under an I-220B with a deportation order.”

In Miami, attorney Miguel Inda Romero insists there is no real pattern that establishes that a migrant is detained.

“It depends on the officer and where the person is entering. It has a lot to do with the administrative process they are going to follow,” explains the lawyer.

As part of the wave of migrants at the end of 2022, Ángel Díaz Ramírez also arrived at the border, who was arrested during his passage in November.

“We didn’t see a spoiler, nobody took care of us. I haven’t received a document since November 15 when I made a credible scare in Texas,” explains Díaz Ramírez, who maintains that he had never attempted to enter the country until that date.

Díaz Ramírez adds to his complaint that the US authorities “have done a totally wrong job. They made the fear interview believable and we didn’t know what we were going to do. After doing the credible fear interview, they gave us a document on the points that make up political asylum.

“There are people who have called me who want to cut their irons,” explains lawyer Inda Romero, who assures that there is a certain panic among Cubans with the expulsion orders.

“So far I’ve had clients who had their ICE appointment yesterday, they went and said they’d be back in a year. There were no problems yesterday, no one was arrested. I don’t think they are behind these people, but that could change in the future,” the lawyer warned.

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