The United States Capitol Police has suspended six officers with pay and is investigating the conduct of nearly 30 others who participated in the response to the seizure of the legislative seat on January 6, the department told NBC News on Friday.

The agency’s investigation into the attack on the Capitol, which left five deaths, disrupted a session of Congress and caused panic among lawmakers, remains active, spokesman John Stolnis said in a statement. The department’s office of professional responsibility is in charge of investigating at least 35 police officers.

“Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman has ordered that any member of her department whose conduct is not in accordance with the department’s rules of conduct face appropriate discipline,” Stolnis said.

In mid-January, several Capitol Police officers were reportedly suspended and at least 10 were under investigation for the riots. At the time Pittman explained that videos and other evidence discovered during the internal investigation showed that some officers violated department policies.

At least two officers were suspended for their conduct just days after the assault on the Capitol. According to the chairman of the House appropriations subcommittee, Tim Ryan, one of the agents was sanctioned for taking photos with people during the revolt on Capitol Hill and the other for wearing a cap with the phrase “Make America Great Again.” slogan of President Donald Trump, and give directions to the protesters inside the building.

Sheltered in his office in the US Capitol, Remmington Belford heard screams and bangs, but had to turn on the television to see what was happening: a crowd had broken into one of the safest places in the world and the instigator was nothing more and nothing less than President Donald Trump, who now faces impeachment.


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