At this point, few could resist what is now David Bisbal’s most famous phrase: “Well, how are the machines? First of all”. This spontaneous and close greeting seems to have become a motto for everyone, since in the last days and since LOS40 Primavera Pop has been celebrated, many people use it daily on their social networks, in sports broadcasts, in the different broadcasts television and even in meetings on the street to chat with others. And it is that there are many who have tried to imitate the beautiful expression of the artist, the last without going any further was the very Iker Casillas.

With the best of his intentions, the former footballer released a just five-second video in which he mimics Bisbal’s viral moment to salute his entire army of followers. And he did it through the TikTok account of 1K Fútbol Club, the team he manages himself in the Kings League.

These images are accompanied by a most sarcastic title: “Act normal, your prez is coming”. However, and despite the fact that the former captain of the Spanish football team wanted to surprise his supporters with a joyful gesture, it seems that he obtained the opposite effect, since many are those who have referred to as “maximum brother-in-right”.

“I saw everything”, “As a comedian you would starve”, “Mbetter goalkeeper than imitator”, “And that after 30 repetitionswere some of the comments netizens wrote saying they didn’t like the goalkeeper impersonation at all.

despite this side heatingCasillas also received some support from his supporters who were quick to applaud the friendly greeting, also adding that he continues to be the best poster in ‘history’.

Fuera como fuese y lejos de acabar con este fenómeno fan que ha creado Bisbal con este saludo, una vez más se ha demostrado que las social redes son el escenario ideal para generar debate sobre cualquier tema, tal y como ha ocurrido con esta peculiar imitación de Iker Casillas.

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