Sheryl Sandberg leaves Meta after 14 years of good and loyal service and this will lead to a major internal reorganization.
Sheryl Sandberg has decided to step down as chief operating officer (COO) at Meta after 14 years as Mark Zuckerberg’s lieutenant at the company. However, she will remain among the directors of the American giant.

Sheryl Sandberg leaves Meta after 14 years of loyal service

In a post published on Facebook, she explains that she has planned her departure for and fall and that “over the next few months, Mark and [elle opèreront] the transition”. Javier Olivan, the current head of business growth, is taking over as COO, but his role “will be different from what Sheryl did,” according to a post by Mark Zuckerberg. “This will be a more conventional COO role in which Javi will focus on internals and operations, using his experience to make our operations more efficient and rigorous.”

Sheryl Sandberg joined Facebook in 2008 to help build the advertising business. At that time, she became one of the most prominent executives of the social network. Later, she was also the face of many big Facebook scandals, including Cambridge Analytica’s handling of interference and misinformation during the US presidential election.

Sheryl Sandberg explains that she now plans to spend more time on her foundation and her philanthropic work: “I’m not entirely sure what the future will bring – I’ve learned that no one knows.”

And this will lead to a major internal reorganization

The departure of Sheryl Sandberg is not the only significant stir at Meta. The longtime CTO stepped down last fall and Mark Zuckerberg promoted Nick Clegg to President of International Affairs in February. He also announced a significant reshuffle of several other executives to follow the departure of Sheryl Sandberg and the now more limited role of Javier Olivan: “I think Meta has reached the point where it now makes sense for our product and business groups to be better integrated, rather than having all business functions and operations organized separately from our products”.

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