New superhero movie, new unknown: will there be post-credits scenes? It is obvious that Marvel Studios or DC cannot miss the opportunity to put on an appetizer for the most loyal fans, either as a prelude to a new project, or as a final gag to induce laughter from the audience.

In the case of Shazam! something strong was expected, since his first film provided for the connection of the protagonist with other heroes of the Justice League. And after the superhero family’s adventure against the Daughters of the Atlas, nothing less was expected than a good preview of everything to come… Or even two.

If you’ve seen the movie before and are wondering if there’s any content, we’ll tell you: Shazam! The fury of the gods It has two post-credits scenes. and far from being characterized by their humor -which also-, they are quite relevant to the future of DC that James Gunn is preparing. Of course, the following paragraphs contain SPOILERS for the film:

First post-credits scene

After everything that happened in the film, the action returns and brings two old acquaintances of DC’s most loyal fans. These are the characters of Emilia Harcourt and John Economos, those who are known to work for the organization chaired by Amanda Waller that we have already seen in The Suicide Squad, The Peacemaker there black adam.

Tras una broma sobre zapatos, y un aviso de que el recluta que quieren en su equipo es algo inmaduro, se encuentran con el fichaje en cuestión: se trata del mismo Shazam, que está de lo más emocionado ante la noticia de formar parte de un crew. Of course, there’s no shortage of Justice League and even Avengers jokes either.

They want Billy Batson’s hero in the Justice Society of America, something that would tie him to the team we’ve already seen in Black Adam. Therefore, it’s likely that Shazam’s plans are to team up with Cyclone, Athom Smasher, and Hawkman. WhatWill this meeting take place before his expected fight with Black Adam? We will have to see it.

Second post-credits scene

And after all the credits, he arrives with another old acquaintance, albeit this time in the form of a villain. Mister Mind, that worm we saw at the end of the first movie, makes it clear again that they haven’t forgotten about it. He may not have been the representative of evil in this sequel, but he can still come up with a grand plan for the future.

Precisely, the first film’s post-credits scene leads the worm to try to free Thaddeus Sivana, the evil businessman who threatens Shazam. This time it is shown that it was not accomplished – and thank goodness, since Shazam and his brothers were too busy fighting the goddesses -, and with a long beard, he berates her for not releasing him as he promised.

Mister Mind confesses that it took him longer than he thought, but that he already has everything ready to carry out his diabolical plan. And for that, she will need Thaddeus, who promises to be the perfect partner for an elaborate revenge. This way you leave the door open to ¡Shazam! 3which remains a mystery.

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