Netflix is ​​sweeping right now with Shadow and Bone, the series you have to see because of what I’m telling you

obviously, When you’re adapting a bestselling literary saga, it’s pretty easy to be a hit.. At least if the adaptation is interesting and ambitious (we already know that Divergent, for example, was a complete failure). However, in netflix we no longer know what to expect. And when Shadow and Bone premiered in 2021, many of us feared the worst..

Surprisingly, Shadow and Bone ended up being a better series than expected. Much better I would say. And now that its second season has started in netflix, I would like to convince you all to try it before the streaming platform cancels it. I assure you that if you like fantasy and adventures in a youthful toneShadow and Bone is a bespoke series for all of you.

It’s addictive, it’s a well-crafted fantasy and there are 2 seasons: it’s Sombra y Hueso

The story of shadow and bone It starts at Ravkaan invented country that is too reminiscent of the Tsarist Russia. Not only in its name, but also in its customs and culture. What makes it different from Ravka of this imperial Russia is the fantasy component: some people possess powers with which they can manipulate the elements. However, they are not enough to protect the world from a horde of dangerous monsters.

The first element that every fantasy series must have is a good setting. And it is precisely for what stands out the most shadow and bone: It may not have the biggest budget in the world, especially in its first season, but is a top notch adaptation that knows how to use special effects to its advantage. So, at no time did I feel like I was in a studio with green screens. The characters blend organically into the backgrounds. And I assure you that the result is really impressive.

Second, but not least, the script invites you to continue enjoying Shadow and bone. That’s to say, the screenplay is addictive, partly thanks to the works it adapts, but mostly because of the brutal script work. Shadow and bone knows how to dose information to arouse the interest of the viewer, so that even in the busiest episodes the rhythm does not weigh us down.

Shadow and bone has two interlocking seasons

Eventually, It’s the perfect time for you to open Netflix and stream both seasons of Shadow and Bone. And find out if there will be a third season, because it is already being talked about outside the platform of streaming. It’s addictive, it’s well done and the story is gripping. And what about their characters! You will be won over by their plots without a doubt.

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