Seven Kings Must Die is the definitive conclusion to The Last Kingdom, now in movie form.

Have you completed Seven Kings Must Die and still don’t know who the seventh king is? Didn’t you hear the end of seven kings must die and you want to connect the dots? I know it is complex and there are many nuances, but here you will find some of the keys to this closure, which in turn is the finale of The Last Kingdom.

How is the end of Seven Kings Must Die, the epilogue of The Last Kingdom?

After the death of King Edward, the peace of the country is more threatened than ever. His two possible heirs, Æthelstan there Aelweard, maintain a fight to recover the crown. It is in this context that Uhtred attempts to unite with Aethelstan, who was once his student.. However, he quickly discovers that he has changed a lot and is under a dark influence.

After the development of the film, Uhtred helps Aethelstan wintrying to assassinate his brother despite the fact that he eventually surrendered by laying down his guns. Uhtred manages to convince Aethelstan to stop the bloodshed, but asks him to swear allegiance as the new king and return Northumbria.. He promises to do so when the coronation arrives, a time that never comes because he does not attend. Is it betrayal? This is clearly the case for Aethelstan.

Suddenly, Uhtred he realizes that Ingilmundr works for begina Norse leader who gathered chiefs and kings to defeat Æthelstan. The protagonist tries to warn, but is kicked out; leaving the conclave, he comes up against finance there Target and what seemed like a call ends up being a trap to murder them, along with Bebbanburg is left unprotected. on the way back, Ingrith is dead and the mythical prophecy is fulfilled: “Seven kings must die and the part you love.” Who will be the seven kings?

In a desperate attempt, Uhtred and his allies join Aethelstan in overthrowing Anlaf and his forces. This battle ends with Ingilmundr sentenced to death, Uhtred almost dead and with the death of the children of the five kings who managed to escape; their reign is over. If we add the death of King Edward, who is the sixth king to die? Everything seems to indicate that it is Uhtreddelivering dying Northumbria A Æthelstan, giving rise to England; yes, he promises that he will never have heirs.

Finally, Uhtred is reunited with his friends in Valhalla, so the Seventh King also dies.

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