Sergio Pellicer praises his players: “These guys are animals”

Sergio Pellicer praises his players: “These guys are animals”

Proud of his players. “You have to value work, these guys are animals. They train like there is no tomorrow in the face of all adversity. We can be more or less correct, play better or worse, but they compete like real beasts. It is to be praised and the pity is that his fans cannot see him at La Rosaleda ”.

Analysis of the encounter. “The team played the game they played. The difference with last year is that they are knowing how to win games. This makes us so much better. In certain details the match has been like a boxing match, we have gone from 0-1 to 1-0 and in any small detail he was on one side or the other. The players are dead, we have a long journey ahead, but we have taken a good bite out of the goal. They are not three points, but also the golaveraje. You have to try to get all the players back and think about the next opponent. A team is coming in an extreme situation and we have to try to seal the objective and be ambitious ”.

Reading of the match. “The team competes and knows what it is playing at. Luis Muñoz has been injured and Benkhemassa appears. Then, the changes were what really marked us, in the case of Cristian or Joaquín. When we got Stefan out we sent a message that we wanted victory ”.

Permanence is one step away. “You know how mathematics is. We have taken a strong step and now we must add. Thinking about the next game and each game will set us a goal. What we want to do is win the games and get closer to the top positions. The history of Malaga demands it. But the first thing is to certify the objective and then to be ambitious. This year we are having a lot of bad luck. We have to be on the alert. The sooner we move forward, the better. Now there are nine finals left, the next Albacete ”.

Joy for the group. “I’m happy for everyone. David (Lombán) came from a process due to COVID and has only been able to carry out a week of training with load, but the professionalism is noticeable. Stefan (Scepovic) has come to help us and we see him better every time. But beyond individualizing, we must congratulate the entire group. Even if we hadn’t gotten the victory. Sometimes we are very result-oriented. They are states of form and moods. We have recovered from the blow against Almería. Refreshment players have come out and they have given us the plus. Every week when the doctor comes into my office I start to tremble. We live from day to day and touch wood ”.

Goal annulled to Lugo. “I have not been able to see anything. We do not have a privileged perspective. Surely on TV it has been possible to verify if it is missing or not ”.

Eighth away win. “The numbers are there. After that first victory in Castellón we have taken steps forward outside our stadium. If we had those numbers as locals, where would we be? This is soccer. We are also improving as locals and it is all a matter of anecdotes ”.