The mobile video game market; this gigantic entity whose shadow hovers over the rest of the medium in a sibylline way for those of us who have our heads deep inside it. And, if I say this, it is because it is rare that mobile games capture the attention of those who constantly lend it to other types of proposals, but the truth is that attacks occur every month and, apart from that, this sector corresponds to the one that generates the most money in the video game industry. That’s why I’m not surprised that SEGA bought Rovio.

SEGA buys Rovio for $1 billion

  • As seen in the document shared by the insider Andy RobinsonSEGA has confirmed the purchase of Rovio
  • The total sum of the purchase amounts to one billion dollars
  • The last time we heard of Rovio was that Angry Birds would be removed from digital stores because the game affected the sale of his other proposals
  • The reason given by the study was related to the price of the game: that Angry Birds cost €0.99 and had no micropayments negatively influenced the popularity of other titles
  • To date, it is unknown what are SEGA’s intentions with this purchase or how the company intends to take advantage of the study

As I mentioned before and considering that many traditional video game companies are looking for a way to get a piece of the mobile video game market, it’s no surprise that SEGA chose to get in on it. fully. when buying from those who in their time were one of the greatest representatives of the sector.

From there, it’s just a matter of checking how things are going. and, above all, what new projects Rovio has had in the oven in recent years.

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