Thankfully, authorities say no injuries were reported in the crash that happened this afternoon at the Tropicana flea market in northwest Miami.

The traders concerned said they did not know how it happened since they assure that there is no water or electricity.

It is the second fire to occur at the market on 36th Street and 30th Avenue in Miami, where last year another large-scale blaze burned down dozens of stores and left many shopkeepers without their daily livelihood.

Rafael Pérez Martínez, one of the traders affected, says that “now if there are big losses…I lost everything I had”.

Today we know it was a single alarm fire but revealed great devastation behind the extinguished flames.

Salvador Sánchez, who had a sports shoe store, assures that “the amount of money lost is incalculable, between 30 and 40 thousand dollars”. And everything was “in an inexplicable way, I feel very dismayed … my dreams were there”, hurts Sánchez, after seeing what happened.

Several Miami-Dade County fire units responded to the scene where they were assisted by members of the City of Miami. Due to the incident, police closed 35th and 36th streets and 26th and 30th avenues.

Miami airport is very close to the flea market, but they said none of the afternoon flights were affected.

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