Sebastián Yatra presented his first song of 2023 in the week of Valentine’s Day. A very special date for a very special first single, because one night without thinking, which is so called, represents a new chapter in his musical career. Hence the switch from Tacones Rojos to UNSP at the start of the clip.

Precisely for his video clip, the Colombian has above all surrounded himself with a “Spain brand” team. Filming took place in Valencia and features himself and Milena Smith. Produced by La Boutique 77 for Camerún Films, the story takes us on a wild night of passion – without thinking about the consequences of following your most primal instincts.

The video was produced by Joaquin Cambre, who assured via his social networks that “this is by far the sexiest and most daring video of my career”. “Thank you Sebas for sharing these ideas with me and allowing me to enter your world. I love you. Thank you Mile for delivering everything without prejudice”, he thanked in his Instagram post .

With this song, Sebas undresses, in the metaphorical and literal sense, to tell us about this intense first love that is never forgotten. And a few days ago, while revealing details about this UNSP, he gave us clues about the tone of the song… A song that did not disappoint his fans.

In turn, the theme was composed by Yatra in collaboration with Pablo Rouss there Manuel Lorenteamong others, two young people who have already participated in the hit Red pumps and that, with Khabibo (who is also listed among the composers), are behind the successes of the new wave of emerging artists who have made their mark on the national scene in recent years.

A few hours before releasing this song, Sebastián shared a question with his followers: “And how would you pass a night without thinking???? a night without consequences”.

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