Season 5 of Servant on Apple TV: Cancelled?  Or renewed?

Season 5 of Servant on Apple TV: Cancelled? Or renewed?

Servant is one of the most successful series on Apple TV, but unfortunately it is coming to an end

Servant is one of the best horror series of recent years, a project created by himself M.Night Shyamalan and who swept AppleTV throughout its four seasons. But the fiction has come to its seeming end and many of you are wondering if there will be a season 5 of Servantor rather, the last chapter is the final closing of this powerful whodunnit.

Will there be Servant Season 5?

I do not think that Servant need more cover letter than the one already read: a powerful thriller with touches of terror that has just ended its run in AppleTV. Afterwards, Won’t there be season 5 of Servant?

  • In effect, Apple TV and its creators have confirmed that the fourth season of Servan will also be the last.

  • Besides, the ending of season 4 was hinted at as a closed endingso we don’t need more history to answer all open questions since 2019.

I know this news may be a big disappointment to many, but it is better that there is no season 5 of Servant, than that Apple TV exploits its hen with the golden eggs to end up destroying it. Do not you think so?

When does the fifth season of Servant air on Apple TV?

Given that Servant is canceled, I cannot give a date for the premiere of its fifth season. Moreover, it does not seem that any streaming platform is interested in saving the project to continue with this story created by M.Night Shyamalan there Tony Basgallopand written with six hands by Tony Basgallop, Nina Braddock e Ishana Shyamalan.

Servant has changed a lot since its creation

The best thing to do is to accept that Servant is over and there will never be a season 5 of Servant again.

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