Coming to Netflix March 16 the second season of Shadow and Bone, one of his most popular fantasy series. This TV drama adapts the books of the same name by author Leigh Bardugo. I’m sure most of you will quickly devour the chapters of this new installment, since the platform usually releases them all at once. And you will surely wonder if there will be shadow and bone season 3 or if they canceled it.

Will there be a Season 3 of Shadow and Bone?

  • Shadow and Bone season 2 trailers showed Kirigan stronger than ever.
  • This villain plans spread the shadow and engulf the worlddestroying their opponents.
  • The level of Alina’s current power is not enough to stand up to her.a, so he probably needs help getting stronger.
  • All this makes me think that the story will not end this season and that we will see a third part.

Despite the above, Netflix has yet to confirm Shadow and Bone Season 3, but neither its cancellation. That said, I would be very surprised if the platform canceled a series that did quite well and that already has a fanbase from pre-existing books. Therefore, it is almost certain that we will soon find out if the TV drama will have a sequel.

When does Shadow and Bone season 3 air?

Alina displays her powers with her partner Mal.

Everything I’ve mentioned before leads me to assume that confirmation of the next delivery of shadow and bone be just around the corner. Having said that, Season 3 of the series will take at least a year to arrivebut most likely we won’t see it until 2025.

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