Atlas Fallen has been largely glossed over since it was first shown to the world during the ONL at Gamescom 2022. At the time, all we saw was a cinematic trailer that set the bar high and seemed to deliver a story. captivating, but how would that translate? We didn’t know anything about the gameplay…until today.

The studio showed off its first trailer with actual gameplay of the game exactly two months after its launch on May 16, which you can see below.

Apart from these brief moments where we see the character in motion and some rather colorful and spectacular attacks, we have the feeling that this is not enough to dispel all our doubts about the title, which is supposed to be an adventure RPG and game. exploration and fight in which we will be the last hope of the people of the Atlas against evil.

Here’s hoping that as it enters its final pre-launch stage, we’ll see more in the coming weeks of Atlas Fallen’s release on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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