Find out if there will be another installment of the reality show featuring Critiano Ronaldo’s partner

Georgina Rodriguez stars in this series which follows his daily life with its ups and downs. In the second season, the reality showed one of the most important years of the influencer, who lived one of the worst and one of the best moments of his life. Have you already seen the episodes of the second season of I’m Georgina and you wonder if there will be another episode? Next you will find all that is known so far.

Will there be a season 3 of I’m Georgina?

  • For the moment, Netflix has not confirmed season 3 of I’m Georginaso we continue to wait for its renewal or cancellation.
  • Georgina didn’t say anything about it either. on their social networks.
  • This kind of realities they can always continue, since they are based on the daily life of a famous person.
  • However, the reviews have been quite harsh with both seasons and it’s unclear if the controversy will be enough to guarantee its return.

When does I’m Georgina season 3 air?

Although there is still no answer to this question, as soon as the renewal is confirmed, you can find it on an updated version of this article. In case Netflix renews the series, its third season should arrive within a year, since this It’s the same time that elapsed between the first and the second part.

Georgina is back in full force in the second season of Her reality.

Otherwise, if it ends up being cancelled, we should know the news in the next few weeks. Even so, there are times when the platform hasn’t ruled on cancellations. Thus, some of his productions they quietly disappear and we never talk about them again.

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