This powerful series from the producers of All at Once Everywhere is taking Netflix by storm

after the recent Oscar for Everything at once everywhere, it seems that its producer, A24 continues to reap success. His new series Beef is taking Netflix by storm, with excellent reviews and great comments from audiences. Television fiction focuses on how a traffic incident changes the lives of two strangers, causing a conflict It brings out his dark side. With how addictive its plot is, surely many of you have already finished it and you will be wondering: Will there be season 2 of Beef on Netflix?

All About Beef Season 2

  • So far, the streaming giant did not renew Beef for a second season.
  • Despite this, it is completely normal due to its recent release on the platform.
  • Although it has not yet been given the green light, there will most likely be a sequel.
  • Positive reviews and great reception make it hard for Netflix to cancel so soon.
  • Moreover, A24 is a very powerful producer.
Beef is the perfect combination of comedy and drama.

How many chapters does Beef contain?

Beef is a relatively short series at the moment. Its first season consists of 10 episodes which are usually around 30 minutes long. If you are looking for something to see during the weekend or the Easter holidays, this is it a perfect option for a marathon.

Synopsis and Beef Trailer

The beef tells the story of Danny Cho and Amy Lau, two strangers whose paths cross after a traffic accident. The incident forces the disgruntled businesswoman and failing entrepreneur out the worst of himself and begins a conflict that will change their lives.

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