The moment a vehicle hit a man on January 27 around 10:30 p.m. was captured on video.

Officials said the pedestrian was walking near 75th Street and 31st Avenue in northwest Miami-Dade when he was struck by a dark-colored sedan.

Although nothing is known about the alleged driver, authorities have released a video that shows the description of the car, which left an injured victim who is gradually recovering.

Leonardo Reyes, a merchant from the neighborhood where the events took place, said: “It was a second…it was a matter of seconds…He was walking like that along the edge of the street, along the curb, and the car passed a van… he hit it and drove on.

According to the police, the driver of the vehicle did not stop or bring assistance to the victim before fleeing.

The Miami-Dade Fire Department responded to the scene and transported the injured man to a nearby hospital, where he is still recovering from his injuries today.

Now authorities are hoping that with the surveillance footage, the public can help investigators in the case.

“He hit it here because the car is covering it… the problem is the time of night… the darkness, he did not see it”, thinks Leonardo Reyes, a trader of the neighborhood where the accident occurred.

Police are continuing to investigate this incident and are asking the community for assistance by notifying the Miami-Dade County Crime Hotline at 305-471- if you recognize the vehicle you saw in the video or if you know where driver 8477 is.

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