In the last program island of temptations we saw how Helen went, this time, to the stake and was sanctioned without seeing the images of David for having skipped the previous one, thus not having respected the rules of the program.

He couldn’t see, but he could hear his mother criticizing David for his infidelity. And it is that, a few days after his separation, he has already bonded with mariathe single woman he soon had sex with, breaking the heart of his girlfriend who even passed out in the middle of a bonfire.

These days were difficult for her. He gained strength and now he wants to confront the one he already considers his ex to receive the explanations you need to move forward.

boys reaction

Sandra Barneda He went to the boys’ villa to tell them the news: “Guys, I’m here because not only did you have a great time last night, but your girlfriends also made a complicated pyre. For one of them, it was particularly difficult, to the point that she felt she couldn’t take it anymore.”

When he asked if they knew who he was referring to, they all agreed that girl must be Elena. “I’m here with Maria like she’s my girlfriendDavid explained as a possible reason his Barbie was fed up, “and I think those images must be killing her on the inside.”

When Sandra called his name, David closed his eyes. Now you will have to decide if you want to apply and come face to face with Elena or not and leave the program for good.

First minute of bonfire

We have already seen the first minute of this bonfire. “You started this affair because David couldn’t stand your jealousy and he wanted to show you that he was a faithful boyfriend. You had to check if you could trust him. From day one, you noticed a special connection between David and Maria and quickly confirmed your suspicions,” Sandra tells Elena.

“This adventure has passed you by. David broke your heart into a thousand pieces and tonight you need me to give you lots of explanations, ”he continues.

Father, it looks like she’s ready to get through this tough time. “I feel super strongI really wanted this moment to arrive and give me explanations and put it in tune”, he confides.

“He lied to me Outside he always told me he loved me, he always showed me that and I came here and he showed me the opposite“, he explained about the change that his ex has undergone. And he’s clear on what he wants to tell her: “That he lost me forever.

So far we can read so far, but next Monday we will live, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated bonfires. before the last day we saw the amazement of Elena saying that she did not expect it and that it was clear that he was coming. Will he crack or was he simply kept waiting?

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