Not only in Tijuana is there chaos at the International Airport, something similar is happening in San Diego, as thousands of people are caught in the middle of a huge number of cancellations and delays.

San Diego - Hundreds of flights are canceled

This not only happened on Christmas Day, but also during this Monday, December 26, users of the San Diego International Airport are in similar conditions to users who are in Tijuana, and have expressed their anger through their accounts. Twitter.
Southwest Airlines cancels all flights at San Diego airport for rest of day— Nasara Gargonnu (@Nasara_Gargonnu) December 27, 2022

So far, what is known is that flights were delayed, rescheduled or canceled due to weather conditions. According to local San Diego media reports, so far 120 flights have been delayed.

But even so, there are more canceled, since there are a total of 185, of which 164 of those canceled flights are operated by Southwest Airlines. This airline seems to be in the same conditions as Volaris in Tijuana, since they have been the most affected.
“After consecutive days of extreme winter weather on our network, the continued challenges are affecting our Customers and Employees in a significant way that is unacceptable. And our sincerest apologies for this that is just beginning,” Southwest Airlines said in a statement.

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