• Sam’s Club membership will cost more from October 17, so it’s worth considering whether you’re really getting the most out of it or canceling it

Just a few weeks ago, Sam’s Club announced that, for the first time in nine years, it would increase the costs of its memberships and that these changes would take effect from next October. Those who already have a plan of this type do so to earn savings by making their basic purchases of household products and food. Although it must be recognized, this way of buying is not for everyone.

While most items sold at stores like Sam’s Club are more affordable, the annual membership investment is only worth it if you know how to make the most of it. How do you know if you’re doing it? In Globe Live Media we are going to tell you.

1.- If you give little use to your membership

If this is your case, forget it, you are investing your money in nothing. It’s only worth having if you take advantage of the deals the retail store usually offers.

2.- If there isn’t a Sam’s club near you

This is another key element for you to go to the store and in general for any purchase decision. If it is easily accessible, you do it, and if not, you better avoid it.

3.- You have found that other retailers have better prices

It may be the case of Walmart (and to which Sam’s Club belongs), which today is the leader in sales in retail stores in the United States and for a reason it is, it is usually one of the most affordable in the country. Or it could be that because of the type of products you buy, you get more out of the membership offered by Sam’s Club rival Costco.

4.- You are spending more than your budget allows

As in everything, if you spend more than you earn, then it is not being beneficial for you. Avoid getting into financial problems that you later have no way to solve.

The new price you will have to pay for Sam’s Club memberships starting October 17 is $50 per year for the basic membership and $110 for the full membership.

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