My spirit He has become one of the artists not to be missed under any circumstances. His songs gather millions and millions of listeners, being one of the greatest promises of the urban music scene not only nationally, but also internationally.

At LOS40 Urban we had the pleasure of having him in our studios to talk about his current projects, those to come and many other aspects of his career. Cintia León and Mario Díaz received it in front of our microphones and Saiko turned out to be the close artist that he seems to be through the networks.

Additionally, he exclusively revealed that the remix of the bratz d’Aissa will arrive on March 15. A song that all his fans were waiting for after the Grenadian shared a preview of his verses.

quite romantic

If anything has become clear to us, it’s that the interpreter of Polaris he is a romantic “of those who no longer remain.” He claims that love is not going well for him, but he has the doors wide open to receive anyone willing to discover his most sensitive side.

Proof of this is in his musical releases, where he brings out this romanticism through his verses.

His relationship with Feid and Quevedo

Many know Saiko’s talent for opening Feid’s shows in the United States. He went on stage in front of thousands of people who started following him on the networks so as not to miss a single launch of the promise in front of them. In LOS40, Urban recalls how he received the news that he was to become the Colombian’s opening act and assures that he quickly let out a cry of emotion when the manager of the interpreter of Feliz Cumpleaños Ferxxo l contacted.

He also spoke of his friendship with Quevedowith whom you share Jordan 1 there turbulence. “He and I are colleagues. We talk a lot,” he says.

And you, did you know Saiko’s talent?

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