Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis Proposes Banning Covid Mandates in Florida

The Republican governor of Florida hopes that the state Assembly will approve definitively prohibiting all mandates to prevent transmissions of Covid in the state
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced an initiative to consider a law to permanently prohibit Covid health measures aimed at mitigating the spread of this disease in the state, under terms that he considers will definitively protect the people against what he considers What is medical authoritarianism?

The legislation would ban all vaccine and mask requirements in schools, mask requirements in businesses, and so-called vaccine passports that show proof of vaccination. It would also prohibit employers from hiring or firing employees based on whether or not they have been vaccinated against Covid and would prohibit the firing or delicensing of medical professionals who disagree with the federal government’s Covid protocols.

“When the world lost its mind, Florida was a haven of sanity, serving strongly as the lynchpin of freedom,” DeSantis said in a press release. “These measures will ensure Florida stays that way and provide historic protections for free speech for doctors.”

DeSantis has fueled skepticism against mask wearing and covid-19 vaccinations, taking a position more to the right than his main potential challenger for the 2024 Republican nomination, Donald Trump, who continues to consider the vaccine development as one of the major achievements of his administration.

“They got the closures wrong,” DeSantis said Tuesday. “They got the mask mandates wrong. They were wrong about closing schools. They messed up with the mRNA injections. They got the vax passports and vaccination mandates wrong.”

DeSantis’ most recent skepticism about Covid vaccines runs counter to his efforts in early 2021, when his administration worked aggressively to get older people Covid vaccines and the governor boasted about the state’s speed in vaccine distribution.
In 2021, DeSantis signed legislation that fined employers who require Covid vaccines and banned vaccine mandates from government entities and educational institutions. He also signed an executive order that restricted the use of vaccine passports.

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