“They gave me a madriza, but we already charged them … One morning a stream of insults begin to come to me: ‘Fucking gossip’ … They tell me that I was the gossip and that I told him (that his girlfriend , Mariana Yazbek was unfaithful to him with Alejandro González Iñárritu). I didn’t even go, “he said.

Although in the past Palazuelos He had clarified that he would not take legal action against Luis Miguel for his appearance in the first season of the series, now he assured that he will take revenge and hinted at his plans.

“But one thing I do tell you, in the show (‘Losing the Trial’) we just left a gift for Micky in the last chapter. Revenge is a dish that should always be eaten cold,” he said.

In addition, he shared that on one occasion he met Alex Basteri, brother of Luis Miguel, who assured him that it was all the writers’ fault.

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