The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police (LVMPD) reported arresting the suspect in a series of car and casino robberies.

The suspect has been identified as Dshante Styles, 33, and is a felon with a long criminal record in Las Vegas, authorities revealed Thursday at a news conference.

Right there it was mentioned that the first flight took place on November 16 in Henderson and Las Vegas. Then, on April 18, Metro found a stolen vehicle in the 2300 block of Silverado Ranch Boulevard, which they believe Styles used during one of the casino robberies earlier that day.

In total, Styles allegedly committed six casino robberies, eight armed robberies and two armed carjackings. The police did not provide the names of the casinos.

When officers arrested Styles on Thursday, they found a gun in his possession.

For these facts, Styles faces various charges, including six counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, 11 counts of robbery with a deadly weapon and five counts of grand theft of automobiles.

Police also added that Styles had previously served time in prison for the same type of crimes in Nevada.

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