If you haven’t gotten rid of something Restaurant Mejide the last few months are critical. After going public with his relationship with a 27-year-old girl and saying he was very much in love, attacks on the presenter have once again become the order of the day. During his love affair with Laura Escanes he was already in the spotlight for big age differenceBut now history is repeating itself.

The writer who has just published a novel wanted to do it in his own way and he defended his daughteralthough he also took the opportunity to compliment her in public: “Assistant pharmacist. Graduated in Pharmacy, Orthopedics, Nutrition and Dietetics. Classical guitar at the Conservatory.

Risto wanted to highlight certain aspects of his daughter: “Autonomous, emancipated and economically independent for years. Responsible mother of Kairo, a precious Shiba Inu. There you are, with this great talent for illustration”, he said. said as he finished making a profile of his daughter his girlfriend. “But of course, my poor, she still cannot know what she wants, neither in life nor in love. Urgently need others to report it“, he said, drawing a sarcasm.

However, the publicist wanted to be clear and direct and pointed the finger at those who speak ill of their relationshipaún ni sabiendo de la misa la mitad: “Menos mal que siempre hay gente de bien con ganas de guiar y tutelar a las mujeres desvalidas, ignorantes e indefensas para que puedan darse cuenta de lo que realmente les conviene. A quién pueden amar ya qui No”.

“What’s amazing is that these are the same people who are handing out cards that are macho, straight cisgender normative – and therefore, they say, privileged – or, quite simply, manipulators. Either way, love more and fuck less , come on. ours,” he finished writing.

Laura Escanes’ dart on age

But it looks like if there’s anyone who also had something to say, it’s Laura Escanes. Although their paths already go in different directions, when the subject of age comes up, it ends up affecting him as well.

The influencer used her social networks to launch a reflection that was inevitable not to think that it was a response to Risto Mejide. “The phrase ‘love has no age’ took me a long time to understand, but it has nothing to do with relationships with an age difference, but that it doesn’t there is no age to fall in love,” he wrote on Twitter. “A 15-year-old can fall in love. A 70-year-old can too. Sometimes we get confused,” he said.

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