Rumors had spread. After ending his marriage to Laura Escanes, Restaurant Mejide he could have found love again thanks to a 27-year-old pharmacist. But so far it was just rumors.

Now it’s the publicist himself who has dissolved the rumors to confirm that indeed he was once again excited about this new milestone. He did so in the report of Focusthe new program Telecinco, where he also spoke about his previous relationship with the mother of his daughter Roma.

A few days ago, images were revealed in Lecturas magazine in which Risto was seen sharing all kinds of hugs with a young woman. Many wondered who it was and if it was the publicist’s new girlfriend. “I’m with a person I’m getting to know, it’s a relationship that’s just started, a milestone, I won’t deny that“, he said a few hours ago in the new broadcast of Mediaset. He says he is “very happy” and willing to respect the anonymity of the young woman who has won his heart. “She has her career, her goal, and she considers that she does not want to be part of this exposure,” he adds.

However, his identity is no longer a secret. The media suggests it is Natalia, a 27-year-old pharmacist who shares many interests with our protagonist. “He has the same goal as me, he likes music a lot, he likes reading a lot and we’ll see how long it will last,” says Risto.

About Laura Escanes

More sincere than ever, Mejide immerses himself in this program which deals with the age difference in a couple and the criticisms received from society. For him, his wedding day with the influencer is “one of the happiest” of his life and he does not intend to deny it.

Risto also assures that the writing of his new book sixteen notes It helped him close a stage “with all the good and all the bad”.

It is clear that Risto Mejide is more than enthusiastic about this new step and eager to protect his new daughter and thus take care of his goals.

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