She didn’t destroy the Beatles. Yes it was weird, we went (to the label) EMI and there was a bed in the room and Yoko was in bed. We didn’t know she was a visual artist, and it was weird.

“Maureen, my wife, if she went to the studio for two hours in those eight years (that the group lasted) it was a lot, and suddenly we had this person (there). I went to John to ask him what was going on, and he said, ‘You see when you get home and Maureen asks you what you did that day, and you usually say, Oh yeah, we did some songs, and this and that? Well, Yoko and I want to know what we are doing every second of the day. And I said, “Ah, ok, I understand that,” and that’s what they were doing. ”

Ringo Starr found it strange to see Yoko Ono in bed.
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Ringo Starr He assured that the presence of Yoko Ono did not alter the music of the Liverpool quartet. “It wasn’t something that interfered with the music; in fact, he joined The Beatles when we were rehearsing for the film. Get BackBecause George had a fight with Paul and left. We were like four brothers and you have good days, many, and then you have a bad minute ”.

Martha also asked him if he is still in contact with Paul McCartney. In this regard, Ringo responded in a funny way: “I have to hide from him, he is bothering me all day. We don’t talk every day, but we are friends, we live in different countries. If we are in the same (country) we always greet each other, we probably have dinner.

“The last two times, one at The O2 (in London) I got up to play with him and here at Dodger Stadium I got up to play with him. And if I have a song I’m doing and he’s in LA, probably he brings his bass and plays with me. So that’s the way it is now, it’s not like at the beginning of The Beatles, that we were 24 hours, day and night. Now we have more space. ”

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