Rihanna In recent years, she has become a real businesswoman. Her various investments have become a veritable gold mine for her. With her (many) successes and (few) failures, the singer now only depends on her music to make a living and with each passing day continues to reinforce this idea. And with his new economic bet, he has already conquered the public of the networks in Spain.

The story has its crumbs, as Riri’s support of this business is very marked by the fact that an African-American woman owns the business. This is Partake Foods, a vegan cookie company that makes for all audiences and is also suitable for different food intolerances.

Among the investors who have opted for this line of business are not only Rihanna but also other artists in the musical universe such as HER and Jay Z as well as famous athletes from the NBA and NFL. However, the name of the interpreter from Barbados has been the most commented on internationally. What we didn’t suspect is that in Spain it would also have a gigantic impact.

The original news went viral due to the appearance of several tweeters who not only publicized their new industry, but gave them a whole marketing campaign for free. Because in the originality of the users of the networks, they have even found the name of their possible cookies.

One word has revolutionized half of Spain, who set to work capturing an absolutely bestial idea or concept in pictures: CampuRihannas cookies. The pun triumphed as if there was no tomorrow.

In fact, people had no trouble including the Barbados singer in the image of the famous cookie brand. Seeing Rihanna as if she were a true cookie master with an apron, chef hat and enjoying her treats is the best thing you will ever see today.

“I am passionate about continuing to grow the wealth of the black community wherever possible, so having investors on board who understand those missions and goals is very important to me,” the founder said. and CEO of Partake Foods, Denise Woodard, to Forbes. .

Long live the CampuRihannas! Because Partake Foods manufactures all of its products without the 8 main allergens, non-GMO and gluten-free. The cookie company is also the first to be certified glyphosate-free.

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