Every public appearance of Rihanna in 2023, it becomes a real mass bath. The ririmania was unleashed all over the world. A logical consequence after several years of absence from the forefront of musical news caused by his recording silence.

After sweeping the superbowl Dropping the bombshell of her second pregnancy and winning millions of hearts with her performance at the 2023 Oscars, the Barbadian is now on her way to success on the big screen. To this end, a real mass bath was given during the annual celebration of CinemaCon.

The event in which some of the main Hollywood majors present their future and highly anticipated news received a visit this weekend from Rihanna who surprised with her new project for the big screen. It will not be his first participation in the cinema, although so far neither the reviews nor the box office have been favorable.

“I’m showing up in my pajamas in my third trimester,” Rihanna began by explaining as soon as she took the stage at Cinemacon, happy to be in the final stretch of her pregnancy. The singer, businesswoman and actress later confirmed her participation in the new anime adaptation of The Smurfs who will be led by Chris Miller (head of Puss in Boots).

A role in which she will give the floor to Smurfette and whose motivation seems not to be solely in her artistic desires. Rihanna joked about what being a Smurfette could mean for her in the future: “Hopefully it will give me some good marks with my kids one day.” It won’t be the first time he’s voiced an animated character, something he’s already done in Home, where he also contributed his music.

Rihanna has shown on more than one occasion that she is an artist full of talent and able to shine in any field: be it music, television, fashion or cosmetics. In film, he has yet to show his versatility as all of his roles to date have been harshly criticized. (Guava Island, Ocean’s 8).

The new Paramount Pictures project already has big names like Chris Miller and Rihanna jumping into the project and now we just need to know how the artist’s involvement will be in the film: if only on an interpretive level or also musically, as happened in the recent Black Panther Wakanda Forever.

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