A mural of Los Angeles legends in the town of Bellflower may soon be removed, but community members and even some celebrities are joining the fight to save it.

It’s been in front of a Speedy Auto Tint in Bellflower for just two weeks, but the city says all murals must face the side of a road. It directly faces Woodruff Avenue.

The owners and the artist are hoping the city will grant them a waiver for what these murals depict.

Artist Sloe spent a month ardently creating his masterpiece, days of kneeling, sitting on the floor, paying homage to LA greats like Kobe Bryant, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Oscar de la Hoya, Danny Trejo and even Vin Scully. .

“I just want to put up some cool artwork for Bellflower to love and enjoy,” Sloe said.

“I feel like that’s the heart and soul of this building,” said Robert Cornejo, owner of Speedy Auto Tint.

Cornejo said he wanted his first store in Bellflower to stand out as a beacon for art lovers, but he didn’t know it would also attract the city police.

Neither he nor the artist knew that Bellflower city code required murals to face the sides of streets.

Cornejo said he plans to appeal and request a waiver to keep the mural. His wife and children helped paint it and he can’t imagine having to cover it up.

“It will make me cry, honestly, it’s like my third child,” Cornejo said.

Sunny Stussy, who has lived in Bellflower for 20 years, stopped to take a photo of the mural.

He says there is no such thing here and has signed a petition to keep it that way.

Stussy is not alone in the fight. Some of the celebrities depicted in the Oscar De La Hoya and Danny Trejo mural are pledging their support on social media.

“Anything that’s out of love for the city and out of pride in us should always stay,” Sloe said.

Still no response from the city. The code allows you to appeal a violation, but it’s unclear if it will grant a waiver to keep the mural.

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