At 12 noon on Monday, work began on the repair and expansion of an important bridge that connects Jupiter and Tequesta. The project has a cost of 122 million dollars and the construction work will last 20 months.

The Florida Department of Transportation is investing millions of dollars in this project with the goal of adding 17 feet of height above the water and creating a 125-foot-wide navigable channel.

They will also add 7-foot-wide bike lanes and install concrete barriers to separate pedestrians from traffic.

Although construction has begun on the bridge spanning the Loxahatchee River and the Intracoastal, residents are concerned about increased traffic in the area as there will be 20 months of construction in the area.

Aracelis Morán, a resident of the neighborhood, considers that “it is critical, because I have never been here but I have taken this path and I have had to turn around a lot, so I think that if it goes a lot affect people, if it’s going to last that long.”

Some hope that “it will have a huge impact on traffic. It’s going to be a disaster, it’s going to add 15 to 20 minutes to each trip. »

Motorists who usually use this bridge will have to make a detour and take the A1A highway and cross the other bridge which is further west.

According to a neighbor in the area, neighboring businesses will also suffer these 20 months.

“At first, I think the 20 months will affect small businesses that are in the area,” says Noemí Estrada, who lives nearby.

However, they also think it is something positive for the region. “In the time I’ve lived here in Jupiter, I think so, the wait is going to be good for the city.”

Authorities estimate that the construction and expansion of this bridge will be completed by the end of 2024.

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