Duck He is one of those rappers who use their music to create controversy and the latest to date rekindles an old enmity that we thought was resolved. In the latest episode of The Fry Yiy show, on SiriusXM’s Sound 42, featured a new song titled Save me and what has caught the most attention is that he uses a sample of a conversation of Kim Kardashian with his mother, Kris Jennerwhich contained the socialite’s plans for divorce Kanye West.

It was 2021 and it was seen on her family reality show and Kim told her very confident mom that “I didn’t come this far just to come this far and not be happy, remember that”. And this follows the rumored romance between Drake and Kim.

In this new topic, the rapper talks about his inability to feel emotions and be intimate with his partner and that’s when we hear Kim being clear about what she’s looking for: “I need someone to be patient with me / Someone with money, who wouldn’t take it from me / They don’t even have to be as famous as me / I don’t think them meet wherever I hang out / But deep inside I think about you all day, mom“.

old quarrel

This sample rekindles an old feud between Drake and Kanye who played in one of the most notorious jam sessions. Kim’s ex surely isn’t happy to reopen that divorce issue that gave him so many headaches, especially now that he seems to have rebuilt his life after marrying an employee of his company Yeezy named Bianca Censors.

This bad atmosphere dates back to years when Kanye told Pusha-T that Drake had a secret son to share it in one of his songs.

Drake reacted by keeping silent on the rumors of a relationship between him and Kim and fueled them mentioning, in several of his songs, a woman named Kiki who lived in Hideen Hills. Something Kanye didn’t like at all.

After a while, it looked like they had worked out their issues, especially after posing together in a fashion show. Dave Chappelle. But maybe it was just a truce ever since West ended up saying that Drake hadn’t slept with his ex-wife but with his mother..

After that, Drake liked an article by Kanye at Paris Fashion Week and we thought, again, they fixed it. But this new subject will clearly reopen old wounds.

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