Request from Karol G to RBD: “People are going to die”

Request from Karol G to RBD: “People are going to die”

It’s no secret that Karl G., the most influential Latina on the international scene, is a super fan of RBD. The Colombian singer grew up watching the series Rebel and sing the band’s most iconic songs. She is such a fan that during her previous tour, when she passed through Mexico, she did not hesitate to invite Anahi to sing together. Save me. That day, he brought one of RBD’s core members back to a stage after eleven years without stepping on it. It was a memorable moment and it went around the world.

Now, RBD has decided to make a comeback (watch out, everyone except Alfonso Herrera) as God willed and will embark on a tour that will pass through the main cities of the United States and Latin America. Karol G, as expected, didn’t take long to get his hands on your ticket for the Medellin concert (Colombia) which will take place on November 3 at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. However, she wants every fan, like her, to enjoy the experience and what could be the Mexican band’s last big tour.

For this reason, La Bichota took advantage of the revolution that was mounted during the fan event in Madrid to join the demand of the Spanish rebels. “I know they don’t come to Spain, but I have to be honest,” said the artist of X if we come back before personally addressing Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christan Chávez and Christopher Uckermann. “RBD please guys wherever you go in the world you will explode in sales. Everyone wants to see you, open all the dates at once because people are going to die of waiting.

Karol G, ‘Rebelde’ fan

Karol G also shared with all the fans the story that unites him with Rebel. And the thing is, the same thing happened to the singer as it did to the millions of boys and girls who fell in love with the teenage phenomenon and the show was seen all the time. She said that as a girl she wanted to wear the same uniform as students at Elite Way School, but her parents wouldn’t let her leave home in such a short skirt. Besides, I had Mía (Anahí) and Roberta (Sweet María) as absolute references. In fact, he admitted that at that time he wanted Roberta’s personality and either one’s physique.

In the middle of the conversation, a fan asked Karol G about a collaboration with RBD. She responded with a smile and reminded the audience that she would be in Medellín on that date. Now, will RBD and Karol G surprise by singing together a song from the group’s repertoire? Are you going to repeat this historic moment with Anahí? We will have to wait until November 3 to find out if something is finally happening. As always, we will be very aware of what will happen.

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